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Data Processing - Air Conditioning Systems


Air-conditioning systems should be installed so that the air-handling apparatus operates independently of the rest of the HVAC equipment. It is often desirable to have them cross-connected for backup. A wide variety of combinations have been successfully used, including:

  • Complete self-contained packaged units within the computer room,
  • Chilled water packaged units within the computer room, and served by remote chiller equipment, and
  • Central station air-handling units with remote cooling equipment.

A separate and distinct refrigeration facility for the data processing area is often desirable because this area's needs are so different and often operates 24 hours a day the year round.. They require service and maintenance without interfering with normal operation, and data processing must have the capability of operating on emergency power. Heat rejection equipment should be designed for worst case operating conditions to prevent shutdown during worst case weather conditions.

Some computer equipment requires water cooling to maintain the equipment environment. The computer equipment manufacturer supplies this cooling system as part of its equipment, including a water-to-water heat exchanger that simply needs a supply of chilled water.





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