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Waste Heat Fired Absorption Chillers - Hot Water


The performance of absorption chillers is extremely dependent upon the entering hot water temperature and flow rate. Where water temperatures are over 250F, as little as 1.2- 1.5 gallons per minute of hot water can produce one ton of cooling. For example, a 120 gpm waste heat stream at 250F can probably produce 80-100 tons of cooling. However, the same size stream at 200F may produce only half as much cooling. Additionally, the absorption equipment must be derated for lower hot water supply temperatures. For example, a chiller that can produce a nominal 560 tons with 250F hot water will produce about 534 tons with 240F, 430 tons with 220F, and only 375 tons with 210F hot water. This deration of capacity seriously impacts the economics as the first cost per ton rapidly increases. Remember also that absorption chillers fired with hot water will only reduce that water temperature ~ 30-50F for return to the heat source. This tends to limit the viability waste heat recovery.








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