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Waste Heat Fired Absorption Chillers - Steam


Waste steam from a cogeneration system obviously produces the same level of cooling as boiler generated steam, Low pressure waste steam sources (say 14 psig) typically require 18-20 pounds of steam per hour to produce one ton of cooling in a single-stage absorption chiller. That performance improves to 10-12 pounds per ton-hour of steam when steam pressures are in the 50 to 130 psig range and used in a 2-stage (double effect) absorption chiller.

Steam absorption chillers are nominally rated as follows:

  • Single stage: 9 psig at generator flange


  • Two stage: 114 psig steam input pressure.

Capacity ratings are decreased as steam pressure drops below nominal. For example, a nominal 100-ton unit's capacity will drop to 84 tons with 78.5 psig steam.







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